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As A Grandparent, Do I Have Rights?

When a couple gets divorced, their most important concerns revolve around their children. In some situations, the relationship with their grandparents gets left behind. When this happens, it’s important to consult with an attorney. Jenkins & Shiffman Family Law has worked with clients throughout Kentucky who want to learn more about their rights.

Finding Realistic Solutions For These Complex Problems

When the courts make decisions, they always do what is in the best interest of the child. Most of the time, the focus is on building the relationship between parent and child. As a grandparent, though, you also have a special bond that may need to be recognized. If you have asked either parent for time with your grandchild and they have refused after a divorce, you may have options. This process can be very difficult, which is why a knowledgeable attorney is most beneficial.

As a grandparent, you have a legal right to request visitation. In doing so, we must explain how beneficial your time together is. We do this by showing how important it is to establish a relationship. We also talk about the child’s wishes and preferences, as well as what they will miss out on if visitation doesn’t happen. In emotional cases such as these ones, you need someone who will think logically. Our firm can guide you in the right direction when dealing with these complex issues.

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