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Can you move your kids across state lines after your divorce?

On Behalf of | Mar 29, 2022 | Modifications

As you go through the process of legally separating from your spouse in Kentucky, you might wonder how feasible it is to move across state lines with your children. If you have a legitimate reason for wanting to move, the courts may rule in your favor depending on a number of factors.

Knowing some of the circumstances under which court officials will grant your request can help you solidify your next steps.

Educational and occupational pursuits

Getting divorced may mean the introduction of new opportunities in your life. The independence you have might encourage you to pursue your dreams. Sometimes, these goals require you to move out of state. For example, you may want to continue your education at an institution that falls outside of the boundaries described in your custody agreement. Similarly, if you accept a promotion at work or pursue a new career opportunity, you might need to move to accommodate the changes.

Moving can impact your children, especially if your move takes them away from their other parent. The Kentucky government reminds you that a thorough assessment of the best interests of your children will precede any final decision. This will include looking at social connections within their community, as well as their emotional connections to their current environment, as well as additional statutory factors. Jefferson County also has specific local rules regarding relocation that must be followed based on your custodial status.

Concerns regarding your children

If you suspect that your ex has shown signs of aggression toward your children, you may not feel comfortable continuing to live in your residence. You might feel that moving across state lines will put you further from danger and closer to family and a better support system. If you have poor physical or mental health, you may not have the resources to care for your children unless you move.

Requesting a modification to your custody order to accommodate a move can have its challenges. You will want to make sure you fully understand the process and potential ramifications before moving forward.