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How do you raise a child when you run a business?

On Behalf of | Nov 1, 2021 | Child Custody And Divorce

You must co-parent your child with your ex, but you also have a Kentucky-based business to run. While you need not raise your child alone, being a divorced parent and entrepreneur comes with challenges.

Business.com breaks down tips for being a parent and business owner. Learn how to support your child’s life while supporting your dream of being an entrepreneur.

Prioritize spending time with your child

Get intentional about making space in your schedule for your child. Make weekends and vacations all about your son or daughter. When the two of you get together, set work calls and emails aside. Let your employees know how important time with your child is, so they think twice before contacting you. Make a point to attend school plays, events and other important occasions in your child’s life.

Keep the lines of communication open

Much like with your co-parent, maintain lines of communication with your child. Make the most of every second you have together by asking questions about your child’s life, hobbies, dislikes, problems and discoveries. Another reason to communicate with your child with intention is to help your son or daughter become a better communicator.

Lead by example

Children often mimic the behavior they witness, so watch what you say and do around your child. Display the values and behavior you would like your child to pick up. After all, actions speak louder than words. Also, focus on finding the right balance between punishing and rewarding your son or daughter.

Finding the balance between parenting and running a company takes time. The right tips and insights support you, your child and your business.