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How can you ease news of divorce?

On Behalf of | Jul 23, 2021 | Divorce

Dealing with divorce is a difficult task for anyone, but sometimes, focus on your child can get lost in the stress and shuffle. But your child will face just as much stress and turmoil as you will throughout this process.

Thus, you may wonder: is there any way to make it easier on them? Is there any way to create an easier path toward acceptance of your changed future?

No clean way to do it

Psychology Today examines what you can do to break the news of divorce lightly. But first, they make an important note that there is no way to break news of divorce “painlessly”, and anyone or anything claiming this is not speaking honestly. After all, divorce at its core is a deeply unsettling life change. There is no way to present it without doing some damage. Even if you try to lie about it in the moment, your child will eventually discover the truth and get hurt then.

Why cooperation helps

So instead of working to completely avoid hurting them, you should instead focus your energy on providing as much support as possible through this period of time. Cooperating with your co-parent is one great way to do this, as it aids both you and your child.

For your child, it provides them comfort that you can still work to their benefit even in such a divisive time. It makes you look mature and in control of the situation, which lets your child feel more secure and makes the future seem less unstable and uncertain.

For you and your co-parent, it lets you discuss matters of divorce before bringing them to your child. This keeps you organized and limits the possibility of parental alienation, which benefits you all.