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Is “nesting” right for our family?

On Behalf of | Jun 8, 2021 | Divorce

Figuring out your family life after divorce requires a lot of attention to logistics. In a traditional co-parenting situation, both parents set up their own separate households and it is the children who do the moving between the household according to the custody schedule.

However, this common arrangement does not suit the needs of all ramilies. This is why some families are experimenting with nesting. According to Psychology Today, nesting is when the children reside in a family home and the parents are the ones who move in and out according to the custody schedule.

What families can benefit from this?

Many families with older children find that there is a lot of friction surrounding the children moving frequently. Families with children who are close to high school graduation might find that nesting prevents a lot of arguments. Once the children graduate from high school, they can move out on their own and the parents can dissolve the family home.

Nesting is also useful for parents of children with special needs. It may be difficult to move these children frequently for medical reasons. Families in high-income areas may find that nesting is the only practical way to keep their children in the same school system if the parents cannot afford to live in the neighborhood as single individuals.

Who should not nest?

Nesting requires a lot of communication between parents and a willingness to continue to maintain a household together. If you and your ex-spouse are on very bad terms with each other, it is unlikely that nesting is a realistic option for you. However, nesting has helped thousands of American families adjust to post-divorce life.